Warranties, policies, and all of the important stuff you need to know and SHOULD read!


What are your hours of operation?

     Joint Force Enterprises customer service representatives are here to help you Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.  Our Showroom hours are by APPOINTMENT ONLY   Monday-Friday. Please call ahead for local pick ups and drop offs.


Are all the items appearing on the website in stock and ready to ship?

     We keep our website inventory as up to date as possible.  If you have purchased a coated item please refer back to our "Coatings" page for current posted lead times. 


How do I obtain a copy or duplicate of my invoice?

     Simply use our "Contact Us Form"  and let us know what you need and we will resend you another copy of the requested order.

I have a larger quantity of parts that need to be coated for my company, who do I contact?

     We are proud to offer OEM coatings for many manufacturers in the industry.  We have done coatings for some of the biggest names and would be more than happy to work with you and your company on production style coatings. Please call 904-800-6333 and we would be more than happy to discuss your project.

I want to change my order I just placed, how do I do that?

     Please call 904-800-6333 or use our "Contact Us Form" as soon as possible.  Please include your email, order number, and the part you wish to remove or add and any other changes.  As long as your shipment has not already been shipped, we will gladly make any changes you need.


Do you require a minimum order amount?

     We do not have a minimum order requirement for any of our products.


Do I have to pay sales tax?

     If your order is shipped anywhere in Florida, yes.  If you live outside of Florida your purchase is tax exempt.


How do I get in contact with you?

     Visit our "Contact Us" page or call 904-800-6333    M-F 10:00am – 5:00pm.


How do I send my local FFL Dealers information to you?

     You are required to enter in your FFL dealers information on the product pages requiring an FFL. We will contact the FFL for you.


I want to send my gun to you for coating, do I have to send it to you through my FFL?

     In most states (it is your responsibility to check) you do not need to send your firearm through an FFL dealer.  The reasoning behind this is that you have already purchased said firearm and have cleared the standard 4473 process to purchase the firearm.  The coating processes we offer fall under the “Gunsmithing” categories and do not require the use of an FFL.  Meaning, we can send it directly back to your home if you wish.  If you prefer to go through an FFL that is absolutely fine as well. 


What types of payment do you accept?

     We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express cards.


Can I shoot a .223 round out of a 5.56 barrel?

     Yes, you can with no worries but, you cannot shoot a 5.56 round out of a .223 due to clearances in the round and the bore.  Our barrels are all 223 Wylde, meaning they are optimized for both calibers and work great.


What’s the difference between Billet and Forged AR Receivers?

     Forged and Billet parts are made using the same 7075 T6 aluminum and have the same hard coat anodizing.  Forged parts are constructed using molten metal poured into a cast and allow very little customization due to general Mil-Spec guidelines..  Our billet parts are made for strength, durability and longevity, and their construction process offers more opportunity for custom design, added enhancement features, over all looks and styling. NOTE: All forged and billet lowers receive quality standard Mil-Spec lower parts kits.


How long does it take for my stuff to be coated?   ie…Lead Times

      It is very important that you understand that many of the services we offer are custom and there are many factors that go into how fast we can create and return a product.  You will be contacted when your product is shipping.  It takes time to respond to status inquiries appropriately which takes us away from working on projects.  If your project is still within the posted lead timesplease do not inquire. We are proud of our products and services and if it doesn’t pass our quality control, we will do it again and get it right.  We will do our best to communicate with you on any extraordinarily long wait times or product/material procurement issues that may arise.  Our lead times vary depending on the season and industry trends but we will try to update this issue on our website regularly.


What kind of warranty and care instructions do I need to know about my Water Transfer Printed (Hydro dipped) parts?

     We recommend any “synthetic safe” firearm cleaning products be used on the surface.  Harsh chemicals i.e.… brake cleaners, acetones, gasoline, Deet and other bug sprays, etc.… can either wear the surface down or remove it entirely. We recommend Birchwood Casey #33304 Gun Scrubber for cleaning and maintenance. We DO NOT cover products under normal wear, abuse or improper maintenance. WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS is all we cover and we reccomend full inspection upon receiving your products.
There are certain products that have very sharp designs and pockets that create a bubble in the water.  We work very hard to avoid these and delicately airbrush those areas in an effort to have a superb quality product.  However, there are some items that no matter how hard we try we cannot avoid some areas  having the pattern interrupted due to these issues. As with all of our coatings you will receive our limited lifetime warranty which covers any defects other than normal wear and tear.    


What’s my warranty and care instructions on Cerakote items.

     Cerakote is one of, if not the best, applied firearms coating product we have found.  We suggest you look at their website at www.cerakote.com and review some of their tests.  The product is amazing and we love it.  As with any applied product it is possible to damage it.  All standard gun cleaning products are safe to use on this coating.  As with all of our coatings you will receive our limited lifetime warranty which covers any defects other than normal wear and tear.


How do I return or exchange a part?

     Due to Federal law there is absolutely no returns on firearms or any serialized part.  There is a strict 14 calendar day return policy on any items other than firearms.  To return a product you must contact us using our "Contact Us Form" to obtain an RA number.  Please do not send product back without this number.  If we receive product without this number we have no way of tracking nor knowing what’s going on with it.  We very rarely have warranties on products and a majority of the time we find that it was caused my improper handling or installation.  We will ask a few questions to establish the issue so please be patient with us as we are trying to help.  In the event that we find that a product has simply been mishandled or installed properly we reserve the right to charge an inspection fee or “bench” time to fix/correct the issue or simply deny the return.  We will credit the return via credit card refund.  This process takes several days to clear all banks.  It is not an instant process.  We will give you the Authorization code once the credit has been filed on our side.


What is my warranty on non JFE manufactured parts?

     Manufacturers’ warranties do apply to defective merchandise, please contact the manufacturer for any manufacturer's warranty issues.  Items must be unused and in original packaging for refund. There will be a full 100% refund with no deductions if the error is ours.


How is my product going to be shipped?

     It is our goal to ship all orders as soon as possible once the order is placed. However, due to seasonal demand and market fluctuation, shipping times vary. Items will be delivered via the delivery method chosen at the time of purchase. If for some reason an item is not available, we will contact you directly as soon as possible to make arrangements for future delivery or give you the option to receive a refund or credit on the item. 
     If your order contains a firearm or ATF regulated part there may be an extended period of time needed to ship your order as we collect the FFL information required to ship the firearm to your selected dealer. Your delivery time frame may change depending on how long this process takes. To speed up this process, you may have your FFL email a copy of their FFL license and information to info@jointforceenterprises.com.  Please make sure they reference your name as it is on the order as well as your invoice number.  It is very important that you understand and follow all local and state laws. 

What happens if I receive a “non-approval” on my background check?

In the event that you purchased a firearm or lower receiver and receive and “non-approval” you will be charged a 30% re-stocking fee as well as the cost of the freight to return the part.  There is no exception to this policy.


Will you ship something to me out of the country?  ie..International sales?

At this time we do not offer any international sales.  This is an ITAR regulated product and we not ship to anywhere other than the 50 states, period. 

The legal stuff

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Privacy policy
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